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Expository Writing

An expository essay explains, describes, compares, or persuades. It usually consists of five paragraphs, including the introduction and conclusion.

Prompt:  WRITE the best thing about getting older.
        Vroom! The best thing about getting older will be getting a car! I can't wait to have new freedom, to pick up chicks, and to drag race down 2978!
I am tired of being a slave to my mama. Once I get a car, I have the freedom to drive myself to baseball practice, choir, and church group! There will be no more waiting around until 7:55 for my mom to get dressed before I can get to school. And if I get a hankering to go to a movie with my friends on a Friday night, I won't have to make sure my mommy is free. I can just hop in my Chevy Impala and go!
That brings me to another great thing about getting a car: impressing the ladies! What female can resist a man with wheels? Once my parents give me my Impala, I am going to paint a giant dragon on the side, put in the loudest stereo Magnolia has ever seen, and work my magic. I'll crank up Reo Speedwagon, put a hula girl on the dash, throw on some sunglasses, and drive low and slow through the neighborhood. I'll be like an ice cream truck that sells manliness. (Chances of getting several new girlfriends? I'd say it's about 100%.)
The final great thing about getting a car will be drag racing down 2978. I've never actually seen Fast and Furious, but I hear that street racing can be quite lucrative. (Since I'm a rule-follower, I will make sure that I organize it with the local police department, though, so they can close off the road and make sure it's safe.) My friends and I will meet at the end of Hardin Store Road every Wednesday morning at 2 AM with our souped up cars and wads of cash and have multiple races. With the cops taking care of safety issues, we'll zip down the road at 120 mph! To the winner will go the spoils!
There's lots of fun things about getting older. The best without question will be getting a car! Screech!!!