This Week's Sample & Rubric

*SAMPLE from last year
Write about one thing that you enjoyed over Christmas break and explain what made it enjoyable.
Interesting Lead & Conclusion     10 pts.
Main Idea sentences        20 pts
4 sentences with specific details per paragraph  20
Sentences start differently                       10.
4+ words from thesaurus                   10 pts.
Correct spelling/punctuation/grammar     30 pts.
       What was the best thing about your Christmas vacation? Mine was visiting my mommy. We got to play games together, eat the most interesting meal ever, and go to a trampoline park!
       A staple of every visit with my mommy is that we play lots and lots of games together. She has a front room in her house in Denton that has board games stacked to the ceiling. We played classics like charades, Clue, and chess. Then there was this new one where you blow up balloons, strap on a helmet, and have them box until someone's balloon pops. There was laughter and celebrations and high fives for hours!
       Another great thing about my mommy visit was that we had the most interesting meal ever! Mommy created a crazy menu with all kinds of choices that didn't make sense. Then without knowing what they were, we had to order. I ordered "great balls of fire," "the grinch," "crocodile rock," and "red and white." What I got was balls of hot macaroni, a toothpick with fruit that looked like the Grinch (a banana, a strawberry, and a green grape), Gatorade, and cheesecake with cherries on top. Finally, since I marked "epee," I had to eat the whole thing with a small sword!
     Lastly, we got to go to a trampoline park called Airtime! If you've never been to one before, it's like a giant warehouse that they've filled with trampolines. You can bounce like a kangaroo and slamdunk, launch yourself into a foam pit, or play dodgeball. Some people don't do any of that, they just hop from one tramp to another like a frog. (Since I was worried I'd shatter all my old bones, I decided to just watch my son and daughter bounce. They had a blast!)
     Well, I hope you had a great Christmas break. Hopefully you got to do something fun--like visit YOUR mommy!