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Contact Information/Conference Time

My conference time is from 10:00 to 10:50 am. If my conference time and days do not coordinate with your schedule, I will do my best to work with you to find the day and time that works for both of us.

There are several ways to contact me:
1. E-mail:
2. Call the school at (281)252-2300. You can leave a message with the front office staff, and I will receive it by the end of the day.
3. Write a note and place it in your child's Tuesday Folder or Homework Folder. Please remind your child to turn the note into me.

There are several ways I will communicate with you:
1. Emails
2. My school website soon to change to Canvas.
3. Tuesday Folders
4. Notes in Tuesday Folder or Homework Folder
5. Phone calls
6.  Remind

I will generally respond to any method of contact within 24 hours. If for some reason you do not receive a response within that time period, please do not hesitate to gently remind me that you have not heard back from me regarding your contact.

I hope to have great communication between us to help ensure the success of your child this school year! :-)