Welcome to REACH!

Project REACH is an exciting program that allows gifted and advanced students to research, pursue, and develop their interests and abilities beyond the classroom environment. 

The goal of the program is to prepare students in grades 3-4 for a wide range of secondary and post-secondary programs by developing an intellectual curiosity that develops them into life-long learners and allows them to reach their full potential.

3rd Grade Current REACH Unit of Study: Philanthropy

Our next unit of study for 3rd grade is  How to be an Everyday Philanthropist, inspired by the book written by Nicole Boles.  The overarching goal of the unit is for students to learn about philanthropy and ways that we can give back to our community. 

The unit will include researching an organization (preferably local) close to their heart. Then, students will create a plan in which they determine the specifics (donations) and marketing (flyers, advertisements, announcements, etc.)  which will fuel their charitable campaign. Students are responsible for determining how to collect and donate, delegate tasks, as well as make all arrangements (with teacher guidance). 

Each team of students will pitch their organization and marketing plan to their campus REACH classes and teacher panel. The students on each campus will vote on one project to implement within their campus the week of March 30th.


4th Grade Current REACH Unit of Study: JA BizTown

JA Biztown encompasses important elements of community and economy, work readiness, financial literacy, and business management. As part of the program we will spend the day at JA Biztown on March 25th.  This on-site visit will provide students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned in a realistic setting.  Each student will assume a job, produce and/or sell products, receive a paycheck, work on a business team, repay business loans, shop, and manage a personal bank account. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills to learn about key economic concepts as they explore and enhance their understanding of free enterprise. 


The goal of experiential education programs such as JA Biztown is to help students understand how classroom learning connects to real-world action and events. Students acquire knowledge through hands-on classroom activities and discussions and then seek relevance between their new learning and their future lives. Because of this unique learning format, students remember Junior Achievement’s capstone simulation experiences for many years following their visits. 



Elementary Advanced Academics Information
REACH is a special pull-out program for qualifying 3rd and 4th grade students. Students qualify for the program based on a variety of academic data.  See the link on the right navigation menu for more information.
1st and 2nd grade students identified as gifted and talented (GT) will be pulled from class for a total of 45-60 minutes per week to participate in an enrichment project.
Jaclyn Finke- Elementary Advanced Academics