5th Grade » Spelling


We will begin this spelling homework second 9 weeks. This is a little different from the first 9 weeks, but I think this will help the children have more of a variety to meet their individual needs.

Pick from any of the following options. Each week your activities must total 12 points. Homework is due on Fridays. Have fun!

3 points - Divide each spelling word into syllables.
Write your words using one color for vowels and another color for consonants.
Write your spelling words in ABC order.

4 points- Write a skit or play using at least 8 spelling words.
Ladder Words - Write each spelling word in ladder format.
Create a cartoon strip using at least 8 spelling words.

5 points - Cut 10 of your spelling words out of a newspaper or magazine. Glue them on construction paper to create a spelling collage.
Type your spelling list four times on a computer, with each list typed in a different font.
Rainbow words - Write your spelling words with a color pencil. Trace around each word with another color. Now trace each word one more with a different color.