Congratulations to Tyler Mitchell - MISD Student of the Month

Tyler Mitchell is a second grader at Smith Elementary.  His teacher, Ms. Watson, said that he is an absolute model student.  She also said that she uses Tyler’s character as the example for the rest of the students to follow.  She stated that he is kindhearted toward all of his peers and practices tolerance at a level of maturity far beyond his years.  She said that Tyler possesses one of the most coveted personality traits for educators, and that is self-motivation.   His math and science teacher, Mrs. Darragh, commented that Tyler has a greater quest for knowledge than she has ever seen.  He listens intently and contributes valuable information to class discussions.  He loves new challenges and lights up as he describes his genuine care about his learning and growth.  His first grade teacher, Mrs. Dyess, describes Tyler as dedicated.  He is dedicated in the classroom, in sports, and as a friend.  His exceptional level of dedication along with his empathetic spirit and quick wit allow him to be successful at anything and everything he tries.

Tyler has played baseball since he was four years old.  He practiced Taekwondo for the past two and a half years earning him a purple belt.  He has also played football for the past three years in Magnolia.  This year he played for the Texans who went to the Super Bowl and won!  He played linebacker and running back.  He has also been selected for the All Stars Football team all three years.

His favorite subject is Science.  He said he likes to research things like spiders and snakes.  He also enjoys Math because he is good at multiplication and division.  He would like to attend Texas A&M- WHOOP! -  and play football there.  Afterwards he wants to play for the NFL.  However, if that doesn’t work out, he wants to play professional baseball.  His last choice would be becoming a policeman, just because.  At home he likes to play with his brother, Ryan, and his dogs Shiner and Sawyer.  He said he likes everything about Smith Elementary and the only thing he can think of to improve is getting additional playground equipment, maybe adding swings.  He loves that his mom helps out with our PTO because sometimes he gets to stay after school.