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Charlotte Alms

Titles: Secretary - Principal Elementary, Secretary - Principal Elementary

Stephany Alvarado

Titles: Aide - SPED, SPED Aide

Jackie Anderson

Titles: Cafeteria Monitor, Cafeteria Monitor

Veronica Arnold

Titles: Aide - SPED ECSE/EMCC, SPED Aide II

Krista Babich

Titles: Reading/Dyslexia, Teacher - Intervention

Sarah Blalack

Titles: 2nd Grade ELA/SS, Teacher - Elementary

Danya Brady

Titles: 1st Grade Math/Science, Teacher - Elementary

Tamera Brockett

Titles: Attendance Clerk Elementary, Attendance Clerk

Kayla Buchanan

Titles: Aide - SP ED ECSE, SPED Aide II

Katelyn Burris

Titles: 4th Grade Math/Science/SS, Teacher - Elementary